About Us



Williamsville Special Education
Parent Teacher Student Association

is a branch of the New York State and
National Congress of Parents and Teachers


                                 Est. 1975

Who we are: WSEPTSA and our membership serve as a collective voice for the children with special education and gifted programming needs we represent. As a unit within the Williamsville Central School District (WSCD)’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), we are organized and managed by parent volunteers with the support of school and district administration. WSEPTSA members include parents, students, family and community members, as well as teachers and administrators.

What we do: WSEPTSA brings together families of students with special education and gifted programming needs within the WCSD, under one PTSA umbrella, thereby creating a diverse membership with shared goals. WSEPTSA provides information and resources, creates support networks for families with similar circumstances, advocates for the children we represent, and sponsors workshops and presentations on topics to help members better advocate for their children as well as increase their understanding of various disabilities and diagnoses.