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10 Tips for Special Education Advocates “Remember, your goal is to assist parents in achieving an appropriate education for their child.”

Bornhava – Bornhava is an early intervention and preschool program, nurturing and educating children with developmental disabilities.

Career Resources for Americans with Disabilities Find plenty of trustworthy resources to help a person with a disability looking for a job. Offers credible information about public policy, employer compliance, and issues facing disabled individuals in the workforce. Provides links to advocacy groups, government agencies, and informative articles, and helpful tools for families, employers, and caregivers.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities Explains your legal rights as a student with disabilities ― both physical and learning disabilities ― and the campus resources that can provide you with assistive services and tools. Lists a number of sites, apps, and software resources designed to aid students with specific types of disabilities, be they physical impairments or learning disabilities.

Curriculum Instruction toward the Common Core Learning Standards: Special Education Advisory Discusses the new rigor in the learning standards for New York State’s students in regards to students with disabilities. Teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn higher level critical thinking. In order for students with disabilities to meet these high academic standards and demonstrate their knowledge and skills, their instruction must incorporate the appropriate supports and accommodations.

Early Childhood Direction Center Helps professionals and parents of children with special needs, birth to five.

Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) – Provides programs and resources for parents, teachers and school personnel that help adults raise responsible and successful children.

Inclusive Programming Considerations for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Summit Center) – Learn how to access this free training which provides practical and education-based intervention techniques to maximize the development and success of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) within public education settings. The training will include how to foster the initial transition of a student into a new educational setting/class, as well as offer school-based strategies to enhance the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning of students with ASDs. Guidelines to facilitate success with inclusion in general-education settings will be offered.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) – Federal Register, Department of Education, 34 CFR Parts 300 and 301

The Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York (LDA) Provides an array of supports and services to individuals with learning disabilities, neurological impairments and other disabilities with similar needs so they may gain as much independence as their abilities allow.

New Directions Fosters resilient, self-reliant families and permanence for at-risk children in the shortest time possible, by promoting safe, respectful, responsible, and goal-directed behavior.

New York State Education Department (NYSED) Raises the knowledge, skill, and opportunity of all the people in New York. Our vision is to provide leadership for a system that yields the best educated people in the world.

Online Learning for Students with Disabilities – A complete guide to distance learning for students with disabilities. Learn how to work with disability services, employ assistive technology, evaluate online programs, and succeed in the virtual classroom.

A Parent’s Guide to Response to Intervention Provides parents, families and others with information regarding Response to Intervention (RtI). RtI is a process used in schools to provide well-designed instruction, closely monitor all students’ progress and provide additional instructional supports to students who are struggling.

Preschool Learning Center Serves approximately 115 children in a center-based program, and provides therapeutic and special education services for 50 children in their homes or in other community-based settings.

Special Ed Advocate Newsletter – A free online newsletter about special education legal and advocacy topics.

Speech-Language-Hearing Association of WNY (SHAWNY) Serves speech-language and audiology professionals in the Western New York area. Provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying.

Students with Visual Impairments: How Colleges Help Visually Impaired Students Succeed Explores how visual impairments impact the educational experience, what colleges are doing for the visually impaired, and includes numerous resources, as well insight and tips from experts and a list of scholarships and grants.

Summit Educational Resources Serves more than 1,700 Western New York children each year with autism and other developmental disabilities. Supports parents of the one in five children with learning and attention issues throughout their journey. With the right support, parents can help children unlock their strengths and reach their full potential. With state-of-the-art technology, personalized resources, free daily access to experts, a secure online community, practical tips and more, Understood aims to be that support.

WNY Collegiate Consortium of Disability Advocates A group of education professionals, community and government agency representatives who are directly involved in working with students with disabilities.

Wrights Law Offers parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.

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